Fixer Upper Farmhouse Style: How to Get the Joanna Gaines Look in Your Home

Fixer Upper Farmhouse Style: 9 Keys to Creating the Look in Your Home

Farmhouse style interiors are experiencing a major boost in popularity due mostly to the success of Joanna and Chip Gaines’ show Fixer Upper on HGTV. I think we’ve all seen an episode or two (or 100!) that gives us all the feels with the simple clean, classic décor and the love and humor between Joanna and Chip (marriage goals!).

The good news is that anyone can bring this style to their home. With so much DIY inspiration out there, if you can dream it, you can do it! Here’s a few keys to achieving this look:

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  1. Neutral color palettes. This actually has some historical significance. Early farmhouse owners kept the walls light because most couldn’t afford the more expensive colored finishes. Mostly white walls and light furnishings with light wood or white washed wood works well.

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2. Farmhouse sinks. An apron front farmhouse style sink works wonders to update your home’s look to this Fixer Upper style. Add in white ceramic accessories and some chunky wood cutting boards to complete the look. Also try to update your kitchen with white cabinets and a few open shelves.

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3. Rustic finishes. Farmhouse furnishings were actually used. They were not meant to be just looked at, they were meant to serve a purpose and be used every day. Because of this, most furnishings show some wear and tear. Recreate this look in your home by looking for weathered antiques or shabby chic finishes on painted furniture. The distressed look is easy to create by layering different paint colors and sanding down the edges to let the base color show through for a worn look. Shop your local vintage market to source items that can be re-purposed in your home. See my blog post on how to shop at a vintage furniture market.

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4. A farm table. Duh. You can find large farmhouse tables pretty much anywhere, but if you’re like me, you’d prefer to DIY it. My favorite tutorial can be found here.

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5. Shiplap. I’m sure you’ve seen this trend popping up everywhere. Shiplap is a brilliant way to add character and texture to your home. And bonus- it’s not that hard to achieve. Check out Pinterest for tutorials or see this one.

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6. French doors. If you watch Fixer Upper, you know one of Joanna’s favorite things is a set of French Doors. Replace your sliding glass doors with new French doors or divide a space while retaining the “open” feel with French doors. Or, hang an old French door on a wall.

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7. Open concept. If you have the budget for a full-on renovation, definitely tear down some walls to create a more open concept. Many farmhouses are one large room on the lower level, where the kitchen can look out into the living room and dining room. Help define each space by centering each area around a focal point- the sofa, a fireplace, the kitchen sink or island, or dining table.

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8. Let the [natural] light in. Farmhouse style feels light and airy, due in part to the light colors and fabrics but also because of the natural light. Large windows and reflective finishes make sure there is plenty of light. If you don’t have the luxury or a lot of natural light, add some extra lamps and recessed lighting.

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9. Real hardwood floors. Some people get lucky and discover real hardwood under their existing carpet. All you have to do is sand and refinish it! If you’re not that lucky, go ahead and bite the bullet on real hardwood. Laminate comes close and will certainly do, but hardwood will give you that genuine look.

Guess what? You can easily update your home with a few small touches that can be found pretty much anywhere. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites from Amazon for you. Click on the link below the image to visit the item.

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Arrow Sign | >Botanical Print Set | >Turquoise Chair | >Mug Rack |>Rug | >Ceramic Milk Carafe | >Clock | >Desktop Drawer Chest | >Bookends | >Chandelier

Here’s a list of a few other sources for Farmhouse style items:

The Magnolia Market


World Market


Hobby Lobby

Ballard Designs

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, I sure enjoyed putting it together for you! What do you think about the Fixer Upper/ Farmhouse style? Is it for you? Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest and Instagram for more inspiration! Thanks for stopping by!

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