Vintage Furniture Market Shopping Tips

Vintage Furniture Market Shopping Tips

Vintage Market Shopping Tips |

Once a month, in St. Pete, Florida, the Brocante Vintage Market opens its doors to the public for a 2 day vintage shopping bonanza. Some vintage markets are open year round but Brocante claims the reason it’s only open once a month is to allow its “Brocanteurs” the time to find the perfect vintage items for shoppers to browse. Bonus- when day one is over, the market clears everything out and rebuilds with all new items for day two! This was my first trip to the market and I went with my Mom and my sister. Here are my tips when shopping at a vintage market.

Vintage Furniture Market |

Get there early. Brocante opens at 9:00am. We arrived at 9:30 and there were about 3 people in line ahead of us waiting to get in. This market only lets in a certain amount of people at a time. By the time we left at 11:30, the line to get in was starting to wrap around the building. Another motivating factor to get there early? Buy the good stuff before it’s gone!


Plan ahead. Before you go, make a list and take some measurements of your home. Even snap some pictures to give you an idea of some spaces you have to fill. You’ll be so mad at yourself if you spot the perfect dresser but aren’t sure if it will fit in the space you have.


Bring the largest vehicle available to you. See that chair? Would it have fit in your car? This market helps coordinate delivery service if you need but you don’t want to have to worry about that. Throw some moving blankets in there for good measure.

Vintage Furniture Market |

Jump on it. See something you like? Jump on it. At least sit on it or have your hand on it while you’re thinking about it. If you think you will go around a second time and it will still be there waiting for you, you might be in for a disappointing reality check. At Brocante, you can flag down one of the “Brocanteurs” and they will mark it sold or put it in the check out line for you with your name on it.


Show me the money. Some markets take only cash, some accept credit too. Know what forms of payment are accepted at your particular market and make sure you have what you need.


Know your limitations. Vintage furniture was made way better than modern furniture and can withstand mostly anything. Don’t like the color? No problem. Sand and repaint or refinish. Turn that chair with a missing cushion into a patio flower planter. Recovering upholstered furniture is generally easy, too. However, if it wiggles and won’t stand straight, you may want to walk away. Structural issues are a little more difficult to repair. Not impossible though.



DSC_0071EGlobes were everywhere! I love maps of all kinds and if I had more room for a real collection, it would most def be globes. DSC_0073E

Vintage Furniture Market |

DSC_0079Psst– That’s my Mom and my sister in the reflection. See how I did that? Sneaky sneaky.DSC_0083These trophy’s are SPRAY PAINTED! They were amazing. I’m definitely trying this at home.Vintage Furniture Market |

Vintage Furniture Market |






Finally, linger a while and enjoy the neighborhood. This market is in downtown St Pete, in what is referred to as the warehouse arts district. It’s full of neat surprises, like this sea life mural on the side of a building.


Happy hunting my darlings!


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