Coastal Style Home Decor: How to Make it Work for Your Home No Matter Where You Live

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Bright and breezy, Coastal Style transports you straight to the beach, no matter where you call home. Experts say you can pull off the look even if you’re hundreds of miles from a shoreline.

Coastal Florida Home by Ashley Whittaker Design

Ashley Whittaker Design

Summer has our family headed to the beach and strolling through beach town boutiques and little shops. These places always have the cutest nautical and coastal home décor items such as throw pillows, mermaid and seahorse wall hooks, and coral figurines. They always get me thinking about decorating our home in this style.

Coastal Kitchen by Kevin Thayer

Kevin Thayer Design from House of Turquoise

Coastal Style has seaside colors, light woods, natural fibers. Think blues, turquoise, salmon, pink, greens, even navy and red for colors. White or painted furniture and light wood floors. Natural elements like seagrass, wicker, rattan, sisal. Look for casual furniture that you can flop right down on, slipcovers are very popular and practical.
Tarpon Springs FloridaHere is the question that always comes to mind when I consider this style for our home: is this just for beach houses or can inland homes use it? How close do you have to be to the beach? Or the lake? We are about 3 miles from the nearest beach, about a 5 minute drive (though we don’t go nearly often enough).

I used to travel a lot and it always amazed me the places I’d find that were heavily into the Coastal Style. For example, I was in Franklin, Tennessee and some of their boutiques are flooded with Coastal décor pieces. Tennessee is inland! I’m sure they are referring to lake houses, so can it apply anywhere?

Lake House Decor

Source Unknown

I also notice a difference in Coastal styles depending on the region. Here in Florida, we focus on the light blues, the turquoise, the white coral decorations, mermaids and seahorses. When we visit family in Maine, I notice the style has more whales and lobsters and the colors are a more muted gray blue or a navy blue with red or yellow accents.

Maine Beach House

Home Bunch

Does the architecture of your home have to define your interior style? I say sort-of. To really master the Coastal Style, your home needs a lot of bright natural light. Coastal homes feel light and airy, never dark and closed in. So consider how much natural light you have when deciding if Coastal Style will work for your home. Don’t have great windows and glass doors? Fake it with ceiling lights and lamps.

Architecture also plays a role if the style is very clearly defined. You wouldn’t want to decorate an obviously Spanish Mediterranean home in all mermaids and seahorses. Or would you??? Here’s what I say: if the Coastal Style makes you happy and reminds you of relaxing at the beach, spending time with loved ones and loving life, then GO FOR IT!

Here’s a tip: it is incredibly easy to go overboard with this style theme with too many nautical accessories – anchors, starfish, whales, palm trees – less is more with this one. Buy what you like, then take it home and play with different placing and EDIT, EDIT, EDIT. Take the time to remove any extra and unnecessary accessories. Choose a color palette and carry a swatch or a photo around with you so when you spot something you like, you can consider if it will work in the space.

Check out my Pinterest board here for tons of coastal style ideas!

Here’s a few of my favorite sources for Coastal Style Home Decor items:

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