5 Best Sunscreens For The Summer

The 5 best sunscreens

Here’s a round-up of the 5 Best Sunscreens; the 5 sunscreens you need this Summer (and 2 you probably shouldn’t waste your money on)

Summer is here! Prepare yourself with the proper sunscreens.

Summer Sunscreens

Take it from this Florida girl, who has had her fair share of sunburns. I’ve chosen my favorite sunscreen from each of my must-have sunscreen categories: lotion, spray, stick, kids, and faces. I usually keep all of them in a gallon size zip lock back that I just throw in my beach bag or stroller or whatever bag I’m using that day. If I’m travelling light, I’ll pick the one best suited for the occasion.

1) Best Lotion: NO-AD Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion, 16 Fl. Oz. – When I was a kid, we were told that this sunscreen was called No-Ad because they didn’t advertise their product, and therefore were able to keep the costs down. I don’t know if that still is, or ever was true, but it’s a good story. It’s also a good product. It’s a winner for your basic good coverage lotion sunscreen. It applies easily and stays on well and I’ve never been burnt when I’ve used it. The top also stays closed and I feel safe tossing it into my beach bag. Lotion is my go to for days at the beach or pool because the coverage is reliable and I believe it stays on longer than the sprays in the water.

2) Best spray: Banana Boat Sunscreen UltraMist Sport Performance Broad Spectrum Sun Care Sunscreen Spray – SPF 100, 6 Ounce –  this sunscreen is the best spray I’ve found. It won’t break the bank (you can usually find it for $8-$12), it doesn’t feel greasy at all and the spray itself is controlled enough that I don’t feel like I’m wasting a ton of it straight out into thin air. They say it’s SPF 100- I seriously doubt that. I have been told that there is no such thing as any SPF over 45, so it’s probably just marketing hype but that doesn’t matter. The product works. It’s easy to use. I suggest using it when you’re outside at an amusement park, or a sporting event. I don’t really trust sprays at the beach or pool as much as I trust a lotion or a stick, but that being said, I have used it at the pool and the beach and so far so good. It also has a locking cap so I can toss it in the bottom of a backpack and it will be just fine.

3) Best sunblock stick: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face & Body Stick Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 70, 1.5 Oz – Stick sunscreens are great, they are thick enough that it stays put, won’t run into eyes, perfect for faces and kids.  Feels sheer and light. You can even use it over your make-up! Personally, I find I use it mostly for my 18 month old’s face. It’s easy to smear on quickly while he’s squirming around and keeps him protected. Bonus- I use mine as Chap Stick to protect my lips from the sun.

5 Best Sunscreens4) Best for kids: WaterBABIES Pure + Simple Sunscreen Lotion – SPF 50 – 8 oz– this one contains Zinc Oxide, which is great for sun protection. It does have that white cream appearance until it gets rubbed in all the way, but the whiteness helps to see where you’ve got it on! Make sure you get the one that says “Pure & Simple”.

5) Best for faces: Supergoop! Daily Correct CC Cream SPF 35+. I have to thank Birchbox for this one. I never would’ve tried this brand had it not been included in one of my Birchboxes a while back. I love the fact that it’s a CC cream, so it has a little bit of color and coverage to it. The real reason I love it is because it is a great base for my foundation. The CC cream is a little bit sticky, which I think helps my makeup last all day (I use a full coverage cream foundation). No joke, it has lasted through sweating at the beach, swimming in the pool and a full day at an amusement park. Best thing about it is that it contains the SPF, which is great for my freckly pale skin. Honorable mention in this category is the Supergoop! Sun Defying Sunscreen Oil with Meadowfoam SPF 50. This is another one that came in my Birchbox, but I just got it last month so I haven’t had a chance to use it many times. First couple uses have made me happy so far!

And here’s 2 sunscreens you shouldn’t waste your money on:

Coola SPF 30 Organic Makeup Setting Spray – I really wanted to love this product. I use a makeup setting spray every day to keep my face in place, and one that has an SPF would be a Florida Girl’s dream come true. The problem with this one (in my experience) is that the spray nozzle clogged up early on and instead of applying a fine mist, it was more of a harsh stream that sprayed into my face. Also, for some reason it stung a little. It even made my eyes water, even though I didn’t get it anywhere near my eyes. I’m not ready to close the book on this one completely, I may have had a bad experience. But at $36.00 a bottle, I’m not sure it’s worth the risk.

Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunblock Spray SPF 30– this sounds like it would be a genius product but I didn’t find that it worked any better than any other sunblock spray. My original advice stands- if you’re going to be seriously in the sun, in and out of water, stay away from the sprays. They don’t provide enough cover and are unreliable. We have gotten burnt a few times using this product. Take the sunshine seriously, take the extra time to dry yourself off and properly reapply the right sunscreen. You won’t be sorry.

I hope you have found this post helpful. I know how frustrating it can be to buy sunscreens that don’t live up to their expectations, especially when they cost so much these days. Have you found a favorite?

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